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Which SmartPD Meter Works for You?

by User Not Found | Jun 20, 2018

The SmartPD positive displacement meter is a volumetric meter that provides total volume and flow rate measurement by way of an electronic transmitter adding closed loop control to your system. Its design eliminates the need for upstream and downstream pipe requirements. Its resistance to vibration limits false readings, making it a very reliable meter. Also, its technology allows this meter to interact with other monitoring devices through an output signal. These and other features make the SmartPD Meter a great solution for your liquid flow needs. It is important to install the correct meter for your application so that you save time and money down the road.

SmartPD Meters are available in a SND (nutating disc) or SOP (oscillating piston model. Nutating discs are driven by a disc that wobbles in the chamber of the meter. While oscillating pistons are driven by a piston that oscillates in the chamber of the meter. Nutating disc models and oscillating piston models operate different from one another. Therefore, each has applications that is more suited for than the other. For instance, SND models are ideal for liquid applications that encounter viscous liquids, oils, animal fat, tar and water. While SOP models are more ideal for liquids such as acids, solvents, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide and distilled water. Both types of SmartPD Meters are ideal for flow applications in which flow of material is volume based and excellent for low Reynolds numbers.