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What is a STABILINE Voltage Regulator?

by User Not Found | May 11, 2018

Have you ever thought twice about saving sensitive documents to your desktop at work? Most of us have because of the risk of power outages, shortages, or any other type of disturbance that may destroy or cause severe damage to the computer. Thankfully, technology advances have provided power quality solutions such as Superior Electric’s STABILINE®. This regulator maintains constant voltage to your equipment, even when the input voltage and system load vary widely.

Simply put, STABILINE® provides a method to stabilize line voltage fluctuations. There are several reasons that line voltage may vary, including poor utility line conditions, load induced line drop, ever changing load power requirements. One of the most common signs that the line voltage is fluctuating due to these factors is light flickering or dimming but it can also cause electric shock in severe cases.

At a great attempt to avoid any damage, harm, or inconveniences that can originate from line voltage fluctuations, Superior Electric designed the STABILINE® voltage regulator which is now the leader in power quality solutions. The STABILINE® is usually installed between the power source and load. A base model WHR will maintain a constant voltage to the load, protect sensitive loads from sags/surges and balance phase voltages. Therefore, electronics, vehicles, computers, battery charging systems and any other sensitive electronic device that needs stable input voltage is a lot safer when accompanied by the STABILINE® voltage regulator.

Without the STABILINE®, electronics are at critical risk of power disturbances. There are several types of power disturbance but they all lead to unsafe and sometimes expensive situations in the long run. One type of disturbance is called a power surge and is generated when large electrical loads are shut off. Another type is called impulse and has short duration, high amplitude voltage pulses on the power line caused by utility switching, static electricity and switching electrical devices on or off. There is also a power disturbance called a sag that is produced by starting electric motors, ground faults and undersized power systems. Possibly the worst of all the different types of power disturbances that can be a result of not installing a voltage regulator is complete power failure.