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About Eagle Signal

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For over 70 years, Eagle Signal has been the leading supplier of timer solutions for a range of industrial applications all over the world. We pride ourselves on the flexibility and maneuverability with which we constantly innovate and adapt our products to meet the needs of an ever evolving market. As the world’s technology grows and changes, so do we. As a result, we’re always on the cutting edge of innovation.

In 1992, Eagle Signal Timer Products was acquired by the Danaher Industrial Controls Group, a partnership that allowed us to grow exponentially. With the separation of Danaher Corporation and Fortive Corporation in 2016, Eagle Signal brand counters continue to be manufactured under Fortive. As a result, we’ve expanded our product offering and continue to improve our manufacturing processes in order to offer the best quality and delivery possible to our customers.

Due to thousands of possible "standard configurations," all Eagle Signal timers are built to order. Rush orders are available to meet your specific project needs or deadlines. Please contact us for more details.

Quality Products From a Name You Can Trust

Eagle Signal is the most trusted manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical products, including preset, elapsed time indicators (also known as time totalizers or hourmeters), reset timers, repeat cycle timers, sequencers and related accessories for rugged and reliable production or run time monitoring of industrial manufacturing.

Our products offer a wide range of features and accessories that can be customized to best suit your application. Please see our Eagle Signal Series Overview for more detailed information.  

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