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Electro-Mechanical Timers


Electro-mechanical timers function as On delay, off delay, interval timers, or repeat cycle devices. This device regulates specific machine functions, such as filling or actuating a part of the system, such as a conveyor. In addition, an electro-mechanical timer is characteristically long-lived. If your application for a timer requires less space or where a non-fixed (variable) time range is required, then look at our Electronic timer products.

Eagle Signal electro-mechanical timers are very popular for applications that do not require extremely fast duty cycles or reset actions. Select the proper electro-mechanical timer from the Eagle Signal portfolio based on the time interval requirements of your application. Characteristics common to all models are:

  • Simplicity of Operation – user-adjustable setpoint with a knob and a simple clock-like dial.
  • Operate in Harsh Power Environments – electro-mechanical timers are virtually immune to EMI, brownouts, and blackouts and withstand many power surges.
  • Heavy Duty Construction - years of operation continue to prove the extended maintenance-free life in dirty, dusty, damp, hot, and cold environments.
  • Simple Programming - no switch programming required. Timer works the way you expect it to work.
  • Long Service Life - highly reliable. Exact or similar replacements available for an extensive installed base.


Electro-Mechanical Timers

Product Series

HP5 Cycl-Flex Reset Electronic Timers
HP5 CYCL-FLEX Reset Timers The HP5 CYCL-FLEX® series timer is a high quality, synchronous motor driven reset timer housed in the standard CYCL-FLEX® plug-in housing. 

Shop Series →
HQ4E Series 48 Percentage Reset Timers
HQ4 Percentage Timers The HQ4 series 48 percentage timer is an accurate, economical, enclosed percentage timer designed for use in applications where a repetitive ON time of a fixed cycle needs to be variable. Ideal for irrigation controls, chemical feeding, program temperature controls, electric heaters, ovens, motor control and  Lubrication systems. Shop Series →
HQ9 Percentage Electronic Timers
HQ9 CYCL-FLEX Percentage Timers The HQ9 offers accurate, efficient control for many industrial applications.  These include motion control, electric heaters, ovens, program temperature controls, chemical feeding, and lubrication systems. Shop Series →
TF Hand Set Electric Reset Timer
TF Handset Timers The TF series timer is a low cost, manually set, synchronous motor driven timer, adjustable to a selected timer interval by a pointer knob. The TF is available in 6 time ranges from 1 minute to 11 hours. Shop Series →
TM Time-Module Repeat Cycle Timer
TM Cam Timers The TM series TIME/MODULE® consists of a series of modules, each interlocking with the other and keyed so that they can be assembled only one way. Choosing the correct combination of modules will solve virtually all repeating time control problems. Shop Series →
Model 191 Pushbutton Reset Electronic Timers
191 Pushbutton Reset Timers The Model 191 is a push-button start, motor driven timer with cycle progress pointer, double make-double break snap action switch and is used to energize a load for a preset time period. Shop Series →

Commonly Asked Questions About Electro-Mechanical Timers

What are electro-mechanical timers?

Electro-mechanical timers consist of electrical and mechanical components and often feature an electric motor that drives one or more gears. They typically accept electric or electronic inputs to operate a mechanical output such as rotating wheels or knobs. The ruggedness and simple efficiency of an Eagle Signal electro-mechanical timer are what makes them ideal for applications in spaces such as:

  • Pump controls
  • Food processing
  • Material handling
  • Packaging
  • Plastics manufacturing
  • Irrigation timers

How do electro-mechanical timers work?

In electro-mechanical timers, a synchronous motor turns the cam through the switch contacts. Sometimes, a friction clutch can be found between the cam and the gear train. Electro-mechanical timers must be adjusted manually.

What are the types of electro-mechanical timers?

The five main types of electro-mechanical timers include on-delay, off-delay, internal delay, recycle (percentage), and one-shot timers.