Eagle Signal electrical timers are ideal for industrial applications that require feedback/output control functions.

Electronic timers provide accurate feedback and event activation in industrial environments. Electronic timers trigger pre-programmed events such as alarms, on/off switching by completing the pre-determined time interval and sending an output signal to the connected equipment

Our digital timing solutions are ideal for delivering accuracy and repeatability by providing an accurate, real-time count and precise output signal. Rely on electronic timers to switch connected equipment on/off or activate the next system component and save on costs that steam from unnecessary runtimes and manual operation.

Eagle Signal designs electronic timers with high-quality contacts and electronic components housed in a durable, sealed enclosure to withstand industrial environments. Our digital timers accept a variety of signal inputs such as Dry Contact, PNP or NPN Sensors, Encoders. Easily integrate an Eagle Signal electronic timer in your control panel by simply plugging and programming.

Electronic Timer Characteristics

  • Production line regulation
  • Material handling
  • Vessel filling
  • Conveyor actuation
  • Industrial oven control
Electronic Timers
  • A103 Elapsed Time Indicator

    A103 Time Totalizers

    The A103 Elapsed Time Indicators provide a range of capabilities unequaled in products of similar size and cost.  A single model can be programmed to display in seconds, minutes, hours, or hours: minutes: seconds.  The A103 series also includes matching indicators for count totalization and rate metering, as well as models with a preset output for control by count or time.

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  • B506 Standard Programmable Timer

    B506 Programmable Timers

    Designed as the "best" fit timer for most applications, the B506 family is divided into 3 separate base models.  The standard unit offers a wide range of field selectable operating modes and time ranges as well as a host of other convenient features.  The high performance model is a good choice when advanced functions such as dual setpoints and 1 millisecond resolution are required.  The repeat cycle model provides a variety of benefits specifically tailored for cyclical operations.

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  • B856 Multifunction Timer

    B856 Multi-Function Timers

    The B856 features a compact 1/16 DIN package, precise digital setting, versatile functionality, and a straightforward button-per-digit interface. It can be easily programmed to perform any standard timing operation: On-Delay, Off-Delay, Interval, or Repeat Cycle.  A unique On-Delay/ Interval Mode can, in many cases, perform the function of two separate timers.

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  • B866 Multi-Function Timer

    B866 Multi-Function Analog Timers

    A unique combination of versatility and simplicity make the Eagle Signal brand B866 the premiere low cost timing solution. Housed in a compact 1/16 DIN package, changing the set time is as simple as turning a dial. Selectable time ranges provide preset times ranging from 0.06 seconds to 10 hours.

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  • CX 100-400 Series Cycle Flex Repeat Timer

    CX Series CYCL-FLEX Timer/Counters

    The CX200 is a microprocessor based timer/counter housed in a standard 15 terminal CYCL-FLEX® plug-in case. Time or count operation, time range, and standard or reverse start operation is selected by 7 miniature rocker switches located inside the unit housing. 

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  • sx 300 pic

    SX Series Digital Timers

    The SX300 Series Counter is a microprocessor based, 6 digit counter housed in a standard DIN style case (68 mm square cutout). The small case and front bezel require minimal panel space, yet provides large, easy to read 36 inch LED display.

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  • HQ4E Series 48 Percentage Reset Timers

    HQ4E Percentage Timers

    The HQ4E series 48 percentage timer is an accurate, economical, enclosed percentage timer designed for use in applications where a repetitive ON time of a fixed cycle needs to be variable. The HQ4E series 48 percentage timer is ideally suited for: Irrigation controls, Chemical feeding, Program temperature controls, Electric heaters, ovens, Motor control, Lubrication systems.

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  • BRE Series Reset Timer

    BRE Reset Timers

    The BRE series reset timers are microprocessor driven. They provide an accurate adjustable time delay between the actuation of the control circuit and the operation of the load switches.

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  • DA100 Miniflex On-Off Repeat Cycle Timer

    DA100 Series Repeat Cycle Timers

    The DA100 is a solid state ON/OFF repeat cycle timer housed in a 1/8 DIN case. The timer uses CMOS integrated circuits for the timing function. Sixteen time ranges are available in many combinations of ON and OFF periods. 

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  • DG200 Miniflex Digital Set Reset Timer

    DG100/DG200 Series Timers

    The DG100 is a solid state timer housed in a 1/8 DIN, molded NORYL® case.  The timer uses CMOS integrated circuits for the timing function. The DG100 series timer is available in 16 time ranges from 3.5 seconds to 30 hours.  The DG200 series timer is a microprocessor based, four digit reset timer housed in a 1/8 DIN style enclosure. There are four time ranges from 99.99 seconds to 99 hours and 99 minutes. 

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Electro-Mechanical Timers

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Other Products

  • Electro-Mechanical Timers

    Electro-Mechanical Timers

    With Minimal electrical components, Eagle Signal Electro-Mechanical Timers provide long-lasting, fixed timing controls in industrial applications.

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  • Electronic Timers

    Electronic Timers

    Eagle Signal electrical timers are ideal for industrial applications that require feedback/output control functions.

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  • Percentage Timers

    Percentage Timers

    Eagle Signal percentage timers are continuous ON-OFF control devices commonly used in irrigation systems.

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  • Model 90 Miniature Pneumatic Electronic Timer

    Other Timers

    Electronic, Electro-mechanical, and percentage timers are the most common types of Eagle Signal industrial timers. However, we offer other timers and relays that don’t fall into the categories mentioned above. Below, you will find more information on Eagle Signal pneumatic timers, manual handset timers, time totalizers, and more!

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  • A103 Elapsed Time Indicator


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Commonly Asked Questions About Electronic Timers

What are electronic timers?

Electronic timers process time, switch the circuit on and off to activate processes and similar functions that require time control.

How do electronic timers work?

Electronic timers are field programmable by front-panel buttons and are capable of memorizing program settings. It uses the power source and built-in electrical components to track the pre-programmed time interval and provide a signal output to the connected equipment.

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