medical applications for industrial timers


Industrial Timers In Medical Applications

Eagle Signal brand pneumatic timers provide critical door control in medical facilities.

Industrial timers are ideal for the coordination of moving parts in a wide variety of applications. In the medical industry, timing is everything. Eagle Signal industrial timers are components in the operation of doors in hospitals and other medical facilities around the world. Something as simple as the swing of a door can mean the difference between life and death in this application.

Automatic doors in medical facilities are essential for enhanced privacy, security, and sanitation. It is not uncommon to have to request entry to specific departments or areas in medical centers such as hospitals. When an operator grants access to a particular area, they simply press a button (usually behind a receptionist's desk) that signals the automatic door to open. Eagle Signal timers, specifically our pneumatic timer, is the mechanism that allows the door to open and close on its own. Once the operator presses the button, sending a signal to the timer, the automatic door will swing open, hold for the pre-designated time, and close without ever being physically touched.

Pneumatic timers function by controlling the speed of air in the operating system. When a signal fires, usually from an operator pressing the button for the door to open, a control valve releases an air supply that slowly pushes a piston through a chamber. Once the piston reaches the preset point in the chamber, the mechanism will return to its original state for the next operation. Pneumatic timers are ideal for applications, such as in medical facilities, where electrical currents can cause safety concerns.

Product Series

Model 90 Miniature Pneumatic Electronic Timer
Model 90 Miniature Pneumatic Timer The Model 90 Pneumatic Timer opens or closes a circuit after an adjustable time delay.  Its compact size allows it to fit in a 1 1/2 inch cube and requires no electricity to operate. The time range is adjustable between 2 seconds and 60 seconds standard ±15%.  The Model 90 is ideally suited for security applications.  Shop Series →

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