CT4 Series CYCL-TIME™ Percentage Timer

The CT4 Series CYCL-TIME™ percentage timer is designed for use in applications where a repetitive “on” time of a fixed cycle needs to be a variable. This series of panel mounted percentage timers is ideally suited for irrigation control, chemical feeding, programmed temperature control, electric heaters and ovens, motor control and lubrication systems.

Made in the USA, the CT4 unit is accurate, economical, enclosed and features an easy to set dial. With four bolts at the corners of the timer’s front dial plate, this unit is capable of securely mounting in panels up to ¼ inch thick. The CT4 timer is engineered to fit the same cutout as the Eagle Signal HQ4E percent timer.

The CT4 is a direct replacement for the HQ4E. CT4 Advantages and Functional improvements:

Easy to Use and Install

  • Better connections for safer, faster installation
  • Offers longer run time with options up to 90 and 120 min
  • Timing options ranging from 15 minutes to 120 minutes to meet any application's needs.
  • Hard mechanical stops at 0% and 100%
  • On-site installation and adjustment are made easy with a simple, hands-on interface.
  • Finger-safe terminal block with cover

Rugged and Reliable

  • Enclosed electronics
  • Fail safe weather protection
  • Resists water, dust and other contaminants
  • Upgraded potentiometer ensures the pointer remains at set point

Case Example: See How Center Pivot Irrigation Applications Can Benefit From The CT4 Percentage Timers

The CT4 percentage timer is much easier to install and adjust compared to other timers and with variable adjustment options and hands-on interface, the CT4 offers quick maintenance and reduced downtime in center pivot irrigation system applications. Learn more here.

Ordering Information

CT4 Percentage Timer Ordering Info