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NEMA AC Contactor

ac contactor family

Joslyn Clark AC Contactor and Starter Solutions Comply with NEMA Standards for the Most Reliable Motor Control.

AC (Alternating Current) Motor Contactors and Starters function as safeguards for electric motors and motor-controlled equipment. These components can start, stop, reverse, accelerate, or protect motors based on the condition of the power supply.

Joslyn Clark NEMA contactor solutions come in two frame sizes: NEMA size 00-2 & NEMA size 3-4 with optional vertical or horizontal mounting. In accordance with their NEMA compliance, these AC contactor products are user-friendly and have exceptional long life.


Joslyn Clark AC NEMA Starters and Contactors offer versatility and reliability with features such as:

  • Encapsulated coil keyed for correct installation along with a plug-in interface to eliminate wiring
  • Minimal primary contacts but can be increased to a maximum of 8
    •  3 additional contacts are available (as per cavity mounting)
    • 4 additional contacts are available (as per N.O. Side mounting)
  • Silver cadmium oxide contacts to hinder electricity from jumping between open contacts
  • Minimal connections to enable quicker troubleshooting and replacement
  • Bimetallic Class 20 relay, adjustable to ±15%
  • Ability to reset automatically, manually, or permanently manual (with automatic functionality completely removed)
  • Easy wire installation via “poke-in” spring loaded terminals

Joslyn Clark - AC Contactors

  • AC-contactors-7707-TM-series (1)

    7707 TM Series AC Magnetic Contactor

    The 7707 TM Series AC Magnetic Contactors are single contactors designed to safeguard the appliance or system. If a short circuit occurs, the AC Magnetic Contactor cuts the connection between the power source and motor to eliminate damage to the motor or worse.

    Shop Series

  • AC-reversing-contactors-6031-TM-series (1)

    6301 TM Series AC Magnetic Reversing Contactor

    The 6031 TM Series AC Magnetic Reversing Contactors are double contactors, interlocked, with no overload protection. Joslyn Clark reversing contactors control the shaft of the three-phase motor with a forward contactor and a reverse contactor.

    Shop Series

  • AC-non-reversing-starters-6013-TM-series (1)

    6013 TM Series AC Non Reversing Starter

    The 6013 TM Series AC Non Reversing Starter controls three-phase motors with a single motor contactor and overload. In case of a sudden loss of power, the contactor will close and shut down the connected motor load for protection purposes.

    Shop Series

  • AC-reversing-starters-6030-TM-series (1)

    6030 TM Series AC Reversing Starter

    The 6030 TM Series AC Magnetic Reversing Starter is made of two contactors interlocked together to provide forward or reverse functionality to the three-phase motor. The reversing starter is also equipped with overload protection to ensure the motor is not damaged in the event of a short circuit. 

    Shop Series

Advantages of Joslyn Clark NEMA AC Contactor Design

1. Auxiliary Contacts: Auxiliary contact blocks may be added with the starter in place, without tools. The same block is used on sizes 00 thru size 4 as either N.O. or N.C.. A total of 4 auxiliary contacts can be added. The addition of side mounting kits allow a total of 8 auxiliary contacts through size 4.

3. Power Pole: Full rated power poles, N.O. or N.C. through NEMA size 4, may be field added without coil change. A tie pole with 2 N.O. contacts is available for two-speed single winding (consequent pole) motor applications. 

5. Adapter Plate: Allows use of Type TM starters in place of other makes thru size 2, without drilling new mounting holes. The adapter plate holes align with those of most other starters thru size 2- proof of the TM compact design.

7. Overload Relay: Available with ambient compensation (green reset rod) or non-ambient compensation (red reset rod). An easily accessible +15, adjustment knob can be locked at the 100% setting. High accuracy of repetitive trip is assured by factory testing every unit twice.

2. Operating Coils: All coils are encapsulated. Size 00 thru 4 are plug-in type and each is factory tested twice, for long reliable service. Coil changes are not required for any combination of add-on accessories.

4. Power Wiring: Up-front terminals and straight through design make power wiring easy. As few as 3 connection points per pole reduces the possibility of loose connections and contribute to the reliability of the starter.

6. Contact Inspection: Loosen 2 captive screws and remove the contact carrier, through size 4.

8. Heaters: Heater numbers are stamped on the surface for easy identification. The same heaters are used for TM & HP series overload relays for both ambient and non-ambient compensated overload relays.

Reliability: The basic contactor design, using Polysulphone and Teflon guides, melamine and rosite moldings along with stainless steel springs, provides exceptional electrical and mechanical life. The operating state is clearly visible from the front, indicated by the position of the contact carrier. The contactor is easily operated from the front for circuit checking. 
Versatility: Uniform mounting dimensions; add- on auxiliary contacts; plug-in coils accessories, such as power pole, mechanical interlock pro-vides maximum versatility and flexibility of inventory panel layout and installation. Self- rising saddle-clamps are included on all control terminals for quick wiring.

How to Select a Joslyn Clark AC Motor Starter or Contactor 

Combining a contactor, a heater, and a baseplate creates an AC Motor Starter. You should understand the components and how they should match the needs of your application. It is essential to select the most appropriate starter for the needs of your application for optimal reliability and mechanical life. Begin making your ideal selection by following the steps below:
  1. Identify your motor NEMA rating or HP rating.
  2. Identify your motor voltage requirements and determine whether your motor is reversing or non-reversing.
  3. Match motor rating to the voltage and size of the contactor.
  4. Identify heater amperage ratings.
    • Most heater overloads require one heater per phase, i.e., three heaters for a three-phase starter
  5. Select a starter based on the information you gathered from the steps above.

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