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Applications for the oil & gas industry

Vacuum Contactor Applications in Pump Motor Startiing and Control in the Oil & Gas Industry

Employees in the Oil and Gas industry face the risk of fire and deadly explosions in oil rigs, refineries, gas pumping stations, pipelines, and other harsh sectors. One tiny spark can ignite flammable vapors or gases and lead to catastrophe and destroy everything nearby.

Joslyn Clark designs vacuum contactors so that the vacuum chamber seals the interrupter and is impervious to gases, dirt, and other contaminants. Additionally, vacuum contactors are critical to pump and compressor motor control in the oil and gas industry due to their ability to contain and quickly extinguish the electrical arc that occurs during motor switching. This makes them ideal is motor starting and switching applications in plants, refineries, pumping stations, transportation and pipelines.

Machine builders and operators for the oil and gas industry depend on Joslyn Clark vacuum contactors as a safe and dependable motor starting and power supply solution with a small footprint and proven reliability.

Featured Products

CV Series Compact Vacuum Contactor

Joslyn Clark’s Compact CV Series Vacuum Contactors and Starters are ideal for tough industrial applications. The compact design provides flexibility for retrofitting air break contactors, thus enabling an existing application to continue with maintenance cost and down time eliminated. Voltage raging from 600V to 1500KV and current ratings up to 600A are available.

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CV Series Vacuum Contactor

VC Series Low & Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor

VC Series Low & Medium Contactors and Starters incorporate many useful features to insure ease of maintenance, versatility, and reliability. These 3-phase motor contactors achieve optimal performance in voltages from 200V to 3.6kV and are rated for 50 to 3,700HP.

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VC Series Low Voltage Vacuum Contactor

MVC Series Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor

The Joslyn Clark USAVAC medium voltage vacuum contactors are 3-phase motor contactors built for control and protection in medium voltage applications ranging from 2300V to 7200V. Current ratings of 200-1200 ampere, and motor ratings up to 7000 HP at 6600V are available.

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MVC Series Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor