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Applications for Mining Industry

Reliable Power Switching and Motor Starting Solutions for the Mining Industry

The mining industry has some of the harshest and most demanding applications in the world. Due to the nature of the mining industry, mining equipment must have reliable power switching and motor starting devices. It is common to use vacuum contactors for motor control in underground mining equipment. However, vacuum contactors will withstand the elements both inside and outside the mine. Reliable, robust mining equipment helps ensure dependable productivity in potentially hazardous surroundings. Each mine has a unique set of operating conditions. Thus, most mine power equipment is custom built to meet the particular needs of a given mine.

Joslyn Clark is a leading manufacturer of vacuum contactors. For mining applications, our contactor solutions offer machine builders and mine operators safe, dependable solutions with a small environmental footprint for use in motor starting and power supply applications. Coal mine machine builders highly respect our products and them for applications such as longwall mining equipment (shearers, crushers, and stageloaders), continuous miners, conveyors, power centers, shuttle cars, and other related equipment. Vacuum contactors are also critical in surface-based mine power systems. These systems operate outside of the mine but connect to underground equipment via trailing cables.

Each motor, whether across the line or connected to an inverter, will require at least one contactor. Most machines have MV input cables with onboard transformers to either 950V, 1000V, 1140V or a lower MV such as 3300V for most of the motors. Increasingly, 1000V and 1140V are becoming industry standards, while larger Shearers will run medium voltage.

The Joslyn Clark line of low and medium voltage vacuum contactors provides a compact design with unique features and numerous safety benefits, resulting in a simple, safe, and maintenance-free starter for the mining industry.

  • Joslyn Clark's vacuum contactor line is well-suited for harsh industrial applications. Available in NEMA sizes 4, 5, and 6, Joslyn Clark's series of USAVAC® vacuum contactor products enclose the power contacts inside a vacuum chamber. This design feature makes the vacuum contactor more resistant to harsh environments, compact, quiet, and long-lived.
  • Joslyn Clark's vacuum contactor products are fully phase-insulated. All materials that go into a Joslyn Clark vacuum contactor are subject to rigorous chemical and analytical testing. Our vacuum contactor uses high alumina ceramics for their high temperature and favorable out-gassing characteristics. Additionally, our proprietary contact material has also been proven for superior transitent voltage generation control.

Joslyn Clark's CV, VC, and MVC contactors ensure safe and dependable start-up and operation of mining equipment. Spanning the medium voltage range from 600V through 1.5 kV (CV Series), <3.6 kV (VC Series), and <7.2 kV (MVC Series), Joslyn Clark has the contactor and motor starter system solution to address your needs.

Featured Products

CV Series Compact Vacuum Contactor

Joslyn Clark’s Compact CV Series Vacuum Contactors and Starters are ideal for tough industrial applications. The compact design provides flexibility for retrofitting air break contactors, thus enabling an existing application to continue with maintenance cost and down time eliminated. Voltage raging from 600V to 1500KV and current ratings up to 600A are available.

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CV Series Vacuum Contactor

VC Series Low & Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor

VC Series Low & Medium Contactors and Starters incorporate many useful features to insure ease of maintenance, versatility, and reliability. These 3-phase motor contactors achieve optimal performance in voltages from 200V to 3.6kV and are rated for 50 to 3,700HP.

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VC Series Low Voltage Vacuum Contactor

MVC Series Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor

The Joslyn Clark USAVAC medium voltage vacuum contactors are 3-phase motor contactors built for control and protection in medium voltage applications ranging from 2300V to 7200V. Current ratings of 200-1200 ampere, and motor ratings up to 7000 HP at 6600V are available.

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MVC Series Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor