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MVC Series Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor

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Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor

MVC Series

Voltage: Up to 7.2kV  |  Amperage 600 max | <1A Chopping Current  |  Auxiliary Contacts  |  Opening Time 90ms  |   Closing Time 40ms

The Joslyn Clark USAVAC medium voltage vacuum contactors are ideal for applications for 2300V to
7200V. Current ratings of 200-1200 ampere, and motor ratings up to 7000 HP at 6600V are available.

7200V, 600 Ampere, 3 phase vacuum contactor with In-Line Power Terminals

400 Ampere, 3 phase vacuum contactor with alternative line terminal position enabling line and load termination to be on same side of contactor. Ideal for dropout starter designs. Can be easily converted.

The MVC Series Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors offer many unique features to create easy maintenance, dependability and versatility. The modular design allows for a simplified assembly and easy inspection, utilizing minimum parts.

The control module contains the coil and auxiliary contacts, which can easily be removed for inspection
or replacement.

Popular Models by Part Number:
MVC77U034A50-76 CONT
MVC77U032A50-76 CONT
MVC77U034A72-76 CONT

  • Front Accessible
  • Rugged design
  • Panel mount or table mount
  • Compact, Lightweight
  • Field selectable power terminals
  • Low Maintenance
  • Full phase insulated, B.I.L. 60kV
  • Self-adjusting power contacts


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