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A higher reliability and longer life, electrically controlled switch used for switching high current electrical circuits. Used to control electric motors, lighting, heating, capacitor banks, thermal evaporators, and other electrical loads in harsh environments.

NEMA AC Contactors

Joslyn Clark NEMA contactor line comes with optional vertical or horizontal mounting. These NEMA contactor products are versatile and reliable. In accordance with their NEMA compliance, these AC contactor products have exceptional long life. Furthermore, Joslyn Clark AC contactor products are exceptionally user-friendly. A Joslyn Clark electric motor starter fitted with an AC contactor may be quickly and efficiently field modified to accommodate a change in motor horsepower or control circuit. Learn more »

DC Contactors

All DC Contactors are solenoid operated for fast, constant, and long-life performance. Generous size double break silver cadmium oxide contacts in combination with built-in permanent magnet blowouts assure long contact life and positive circuit interruption. Terminal location makes the dc contactors ideal for straight-through wiring and for wire channel layouts. Accessible up-front pressure-type terminals are furnished as standard. Learn more »