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DC Contactors

A DC contactor is an electrically controlled device designed to switch current on and off. DC contactors control current in DC circuits by closing and opening internal contacts. DC contactors control much lower voltages than AC circuits and offer the benefit of minimal arcing as the circuit opens and closes.

The main function of a DC contactor is simply to make and break the connection between the power source and the load. One side of contactor is fixed and the other is movable. Once energized, the generated electromagnetic force pulls the movable contact toward the stationary contact and the spring pulls the contactors apart once de-energized.

Choose from our general purpose and definitive purpose DC contactors below or contact our experts to get help selecting the right product for your application.

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7001 Series DC Contactor
Need help selecting the right DC contactor for your application?


5DP General Purpose DC Contactors

5DP General Purpose DC Contactors are designed for DC adjustable speed drive circuits using silicon controlled rectifier switching and other controls where a combination of normally open and normally closed power contacts are required. In all applications, reduced panel space for dc contactor mounting is made possible through a compact design and the built-in N.C. dynamic brake power contact feature.

In silicon controlled rectifier switching circuits, the SCR is normally phased back prior to contactor opening. Therefore, the N.O. contacts are not required to interrupt any appreciable current. Under abnormal conditions such as failure of the SCR or the control circuit, the DC contactor may be required to interrupt up to 200% current. The N.O. contacts are equipped with permanent magnet blowouts to meet this requirement.

The dynamic brake N.C. contact is required to insert the dynamic brake resistor and therefore must make up to 200% of rated current each time the dc contactor is de-energized. Jogging is accomplished at low voltage and current. Therefore, the dynamic brake contact is rated at 1/3 of rated voltage and dynamic brake current. The permanent magnet blowouts provide this interrupting ability.

Contactor Series Operating Current Operating Voltage DC Contactor Category
7000 Series 10/40A 500VDC General Purpose
7001 Series 40A 500VDC General Purpose
5DP1 Series 30A 500VDC General Purpose
5DP2 Series 56A 500VDC General Purpose
5DP3A Series 110A 500VDC General Purpose
5DP7 Series 75A 500VDC General Purpose
5DP3 Series 110A 500VDC General Purpose
5DP4 Series 180A 500VDC General Purpose
5DP9 Series 260A 500VDC General Purpose
5DP5 Series 360A 500VDC General Purpose
5DP8 Series 535A 500VDC General Purpose

7400 Series Definite Purpose DC Contactors

7400 Series Definitive Purpose DC Contactors in sizes 1 Thru 5 are for use as main line, reversing or accelerating contactors in DC motor starters and controllers. Other applications include switching resistive heating and battery loads.

All DC Contactors are solenoid operated for fast, constant, and long-life performance. Generous size double break silver cadmium oxide contacts in combination with built-in permanent magnet blowouts assure long contact life and positive circuit interruption. Terminal location makes the dc contactors ideal for straight-through wiring and for wire channel layouts. Accessible up-front pressure-type terminals are furnished as standard.

Contactor Series Operating Current Operating Voltage DC Contactor Category
7401/7441 Series 25A 250VDC Definite Purpose
7402/7442 Series 50A 250VDC Definite Purpose
7403/7443 Series 100A 250VDC Definite Purpose
7404/7444 Series 150A 250VDC Definite Purpose
7405/7445 Series 300A 250VDC Definite Purpose