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Vacuum Contactors & Starters

Vacuum Contactors & Starters

Joslyn Clark low and medium voltage vacuum contactors load breaking devices for 3-Phase AC Motors and medium voltage switchgear with lower current chopping than vacuum breakers. Typical applications include motor controls for electric motors, transformer, and capacitor bank switching.

Our Advantage

  • Mechanical life up to 3 million operations
  • Electrical life up to 1 million operations
  • No special maintenance requirements
  • Minimal contact bounce and low arc energy minimizes risks of contact welding
  • High duty cycle, up to 1200 operations per hour
  • Ability to be mounted in any plane



1140 Series Vacuum Contactor

1140 Series Vacuum Contactors

Voltage: Up to 1.14kV | Amperage 330 max | <1A Chopping Current  |  Auxiliary Contacts  | 
Opening Time 160ms  | Closing Time 20-40ms


This series of vacuum contactors delivers a heavy duty motor contactor where space is critical. These contactors are recognized by the mining industry as a must have for any starter contactor application, including longwall mining equipment, continuous miners, conveyors, power centers and other related equipment. With long electrical power life and compact size, the 1140 Series Vacuum Contactor gives you the low voltage contactor you need.

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CV Series Vacuum Contactor

CV Series Compact Vacuum Contactors & Starters

Voltage: Up to 1.5kV  |  Amperage 200,400,600 max | <1A Chopping Current  |  Auxiliary Contacts  | 
Opening Time 120ms  |   Closing Time 20-40ms


CV Series Vacuum Contactors and Starters are built for harsh industrial applications. These motor contactors and motor starters give the ability to retrofit air break contactors. CV Series contactors enables an existing application to continue with reducing maintenance costs and eliminating down time. These starter contactors are suitable for worldwide applications and for use with all types of motors including high efficiency IEC and NEMA design E motors.

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VC Series Low Voltage Vacuum Contactor

VC Series Vacuum Contactors

Voltage: Up to 3.6kV  |  Amperage 600 max | <1A Chopping Current  |  Auxiliary Contacts  | 
Opening Time 90ms  |  Closing Time 17ms


This low voltage and medium voltage vacuum contactor series incorporates many features to insure ease of maintenance, versatility, and reliability. These 3-phase motor contactors achieve optimal performance in voltages from 200V to 3.6kV and are rated for 50 to 3,700HP. In addition, the VC Series of starter contactors can be easily assembled and/or disassembled for quick maintenance.

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MVC Series Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor

MVC Series Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors

Voltage: Up to 7.2kV  |  Amperage 600 max | <1A Chopping Current  |  Auxiliary Contacts  | 
Opening Time 90ms  |   Closing Time 40ms

MVC Series Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors are 3-phase motor contactors built for control and protection in medium voltage applications ranging from 2kV to 7.2kV. These starter contactors is built in modular design for simplified assembly and easy inspection. The MVC Series offers in-line terminals and alternative line terminal position enabling line and load termination to be on same side of contactor.

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SVC Series Super Vacuum Contactors

Voltage: Up to 7.2kV | Amperage 1500 max | <1A Chopping Current | Auxiliary Contacts | Opening Time 90ms | Closing Time <40ms

SVC Series medium voltage vacuum contactors are multiple Joslyn Clark VC Series or MVC Series contactors linked together. SVC Series delivers up to 1.5k Amps switching power for applications with grueling switching demands in harsh environments. This three-phase, non-latching vacuum contactor can also be used in a wide range of power systems, such as transformer and capacitor loads, with a rated voltage of up to 7.2kV.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Vacuum Contactors

What is a vacuum contactor?

A vacuum contactor is a sealed environment where electrical contacts can make or break a connection between a power source and load inside a vacuum bottle. The vacuum provides a safe, clean environment where the arc can be contained and contaminants avoided.

What is the main function of a vacuum contactor?

The main function of a vacuum contactor is simply to make and break the connection between the power source and the load. One side of contactor is fixed and the other is movable. Once energized, the generated electromagnetic force pulls the movable contact toward the stationary contact and the spring pulls the contactors apart once de-energized. In a vacuum contactor, this process is contained within a vacuum bottle, which can contain the arc and keep contaminants outside.

What is the difference between a vacuum contactor and a vacuum circuit breaker?

Compared to vacuum circuit breakers, vacuum contactors are smaller in size and safer for higher voltages above 600Vs. Vacuum contactors offer lower current chopping and are well suited for applications with frequent switching, generally offering mechanical life of over 3 million operations.