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1140 Series Vacuum Contactor
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Heavy Duty Mining Vacuum Contactor

1140 Series

Voltage: Up to 1.14kV  |  Amperage 330 max | <1A Chopping Current  |  Auxiliary Contacts  |  Opening Time 160ms  |   Closing Time 20-40ms

The 1140 Series of low voltage vacuum contactors is a compact motor contactor with heavy duty attributes. This contactor series delivers all you would need in terms of control and protection from a starter contactor in heavy duty applications.

Industries demanded for a contactor with a smaller footprint while being able to deliver Joslyn Clark results and the 1140 Series Vacuum Contactor delivered. This motor starter and motor contactor is highly recognized in the mining industry by the leading coal mine machine builders. Contactors help electric motors in a number of different areas. The applications where this starter contactor excels includes longwall mining equipment, continuous miners, conveyors, power centers and other related equipment.

Space is critical. 1140 Series Vacuum Contactors delivers the smallest footprint of all Joslyn Clark vacuum contactors and rivals the smallest in the industry. But when you require a reliable power switching and motor starter solution, this contactor series will not let you down. We ensure dependable productivity in the most harsh situations.

Size is not the only benefit when talking about this vacuum contactor series. The 1140 Series offers an outstanding electrical power life and overload protection. These starter contactors durability needed for mission essential equipment.

  • Designed to Standards IEC 60947-4, CSA22.2 & UL508
  • Visual ON/OFF indicator
  • Heavy Duty Mining Design
  • Visual wear indicator
  • Line & Load Terminal Hex Bolts
  • Mounts in any plane


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