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CV Series Compact Vacuum Contactor Family

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Compact Vacuum Contactor

CV Series

Voltage: Up to 1.5kV  |  Amperage 200,400,600 max | <1A Chopping Current  |  Auxiliary Contacts  |  Opening Time 120ms  |   Closing Time 20-40ms

Joslyn Clark’s Compact CV Series Vacuum Contactors and Starters are ideal for tough industrial applications. The compact design provides flexibility for retrofitting air break contactors, thus enabling an existing application to continue with maintenance cost and down time eliminated.

These compact CV Series Contactors and Starters are suitable for worldwide applications and for use with all types of motors including high efficiency IEC and NEMA design E motors.

The CV Series are easily interchangeable with NEMA Air Break contactors & starters. This series also features a simplified DC magnet system with range rated economized coils for improved reliability.

International Ratings For Global Applications
UL508 Listed | CSA22.2 certified | NEMA ICS-2 | IEC 947-4.1

Mechanically Interlocked versions are available for reversing applications.

  • Front Accessible
  • Quiet, Rugged Design
  • Long Mechanical & Electrical Life 
  • Standard with On/OFF Indicator
  • Mounts in any plane
  • Compact, Lightweight
  • Class 20 Bi-metallic overload relays
  • Side mounted auxiliary contacts


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