7400 Definite Purpose DC Contactor

7400 Series Definite Purpose DC Contactors

7400 Series Definitive Purpose DC Contactors in sizes 1 Thru 5 are for use as main line, reversing or accelerating contactors in DC motor starters and controllers. Other applications include switching resistive heating and battery loads.

All DC Contactors are solenoid operated for fast, constant, and long-life performance. Generous size double break silver cadmium oxide contacts in combination with built-in permanent magnet blowouts assure long contact life and positive circuit interruption. Terminal location makes the dc contactors ideal for straight-through wiring and for wire channel layouts. Accessible up-front pressure-type terminals are furnished as standard.

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Contactor Series Operating Current Operating Voltage DC Contactor Category
7401/7441 Series25A250VDCDefinite Purpose
7402/7442 Series50A250VDCDefinite Purpose
7403/7443 Series100A250VDCDefinite Purpose
7404/7444 Series150A250VDCDefinite Purpose
7405/7445 Series300A250VDCDefinite Purpose