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7400 Series DC Contactor
Note: Image is representative of the series of product but exact product may vary based on configuration. See below for details.

7401/ 7441 Series
Definite Purpose DC Contactors

The 7401/ 7441 Series Definite Purpose DC Contactor offers a 25 amp. rating for adjustable speed drive circuit applications.


  • Silicon Controlled Rectifier switching
  • Combination of Normally Open and Normally Closed power contacts
  • Permanent Magnetic Blowouts
  • Reduced Panel Space made possible by compact design
  • Built- in N.C. dynamic brake power contact
  • Stainless Steel Springs
  • Molded Housing
  • Molded Coil
  • Free- Floating Armature- Magnet Frame
  • Auxiliary Contacts
  • Pressure Type Terminals

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Technical Data
8 Hour Electrical Rating: 25 amp (Open) | 22.5 (Closed)
Number of Main Contacts: 1-3 Poles
Available Main Contact Configuration: NO, NC, NO & NC
Operating Voltage (Thermal Rating): 250VDC
NO Continuous Contact Rating: 25A
Coil Voltage Options: 120VAC, 240VAC, 120VDC, 240VDC
Maximum Number of Auxiliary Contacts: 8
Available Auxiliary Contact Configuration:  NO,NC,NO&NC
Auxiliary Contact Rating @ 120VAC (Continuous/Inrush):  6A/ 60A
Auxiliary Contact Rating @ 280VAC (Continuous/Inrush):  3A/ 30A
Auxiliary Contact Rating @ 480VAC (Continuous/Inrush):  1.5A/ 15A
Auxiliary Contact Rating @ 600VAC (Continuous/Inrush):  1.2A/ 12A
Auxiliary Contact Rating @ 125VDC (Nominal):  1.1A
Auxiliary Contact Rating @ 250VDC (Nominal):  0.55A
Average Contactor Closing Time:  33mSec
Average Contactor Opening Time:  30 mSec
Operating Temperature Range:  -20C to +57C
Storage Temperature Range:  -40C to +70C
* = Consult Factory for Custom Configurations