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The Joslyn Clark PM Family of control relays provides flexibility,versatility and reliability. The exclusive design concept and rugged construction of the PM line offers many advantages for the disigner and builder of today's complex control panels.


  • Modular Construction -allows field additon, replacement or conversion of poles for unlimited flexibility.
  • Uniformity of Design -simplifies engineering, installation and maintenance.
  • Interchangeability of Parts - reduces inventory requirements.
  • Flexibility of Application - provided by many modifications including noble metal, gold bonded, anti-weld and overlapping contacts.

Convertible Poles contain one contact, either NO or NC and can be easily field converted from one to the other. Identified be WHITE operating rod.

Universal Poles contain two independent isolated contacts, one NO and one NC. Identified by RED operating rod.

Duplex Poles contain two independent isolated contacts, both NO. Identified by GREEN operating rod.

PMS Slim Jim Relays are 1 - 1 1/2" wide. They are the smallest members of the PM Family. Available with up to 4 contacts; they provide the reliability of heavy duty 600 Volt relays in the smallest possible space.

PM Convertible Pole Relays use white rod poles and are offered with up to 8 contacts in any combination of NO and NC contacts. Relays with up to 12 contacts using double deck bases can be supplied.

Type Relays, using universal poles have up to 12 contacts. Relays with up to 14 contacts are available, using some convertible poles. Type PMF Relays, combining several types of poles can have up to 14 contacts

Type PMT Pheumatic Timing Relays, these relays are available for either "on-delay" operation (time delay after energization) or "offdelay" (time delay after de-engerization). They may also be field converted from on to "off-delay" and vice versa, by merely inverting the opertaing magnet. Type PMT Time Delay relays are adjustable over a timing range from 0.2 seconds to 3 minutes with repetitive accuracy of + 10%.

Latch Relays are available with either white rod convertible poles or red rod universal poles. The latching unit with continous duty trip coil replaces the two pole modules directly above the relay magnet.