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7001 series general purpose dc contactor
Note: Image is representative of the series of product but exact product may vary based on configuration. See below for details.

5DP4 Series
General Purpose DC Contactors

The 5DP4 Series General Purpose DC Contactor offers a 180 amp. rating for adjustable speed drive circuit applications.

CSA & UL Component Rated


    • Silicon Controlled Rectifier switching
    • Combination of Normally Open and Normally Closed power contacts
    • Permanent Magnetic Blowouts
    • Reduced Panel Space made possible by compact design
    • Built- in N.C. dynamic brake power contact
    • Stainless Steel Springs
    • Molded Housing
    • Molded Coil
    • Free- Floating Armature- Magnet Frame
    • Auxiliary Contacts
    • Pressure Type Terminals

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    Technical Data
    Electrical Rating: 180 amp
    Number of Main Contacts: 1-3 Poles
    Available Main Contact Configuration: NO, NC, NO & NC
    Operating Voltage (Thermal Rating): 500VDC (600VDC)
    NO Continuous Contact Rating: 180A
    NC Intermittent Contact Rating @ 500VDC (Dynamic Brake-Make Only):  315A
    NC Intermittent Contact Rating @ 160VDC (Jogging-Break Only): 105A
    Coil Voltage Options: 120VAC, 240VAC, 120VDC, 240VDC
    Maximum Number of Auxiliary Contacts: 8
    Available Auxiliary Contact Configuration:  NO,NC,NO&NC
    Auxiliary Contact Rating @ 120VAC (Continuous/Inrush):  6A/ 60A
    Auxiliary Contact Rating @ 280VAC (Continuous/Inrush):  3A/ 30A
    Auxiliary Contact Rating @ 480VAC (Continuous/Inrush):  1.5A/ 15A
    Auxiliary Contact Rating @ 600VAC (Continuous/Inrush):  1.2A/ 12A
    Auxiliary Contact Rating @ 125VDC (Nominal):  1.1A
    Auxiliary Contact Rating @ 250VDC (Nominal):  0.55A
    Horsepower Rating @ 240V:  50HP
    Horsepower Rating @ 500V:  100HP
    Horsepower Rating @ 600V:  120HP
    Average Contactor Closing Time:  33mSec
    Average Contactor Opening Time:  30 mSec
    Operating Temperature Range:  -20C to +57C
    Storage Temperature Range:  -40C to +70C
    * = Consult Factory for Custom Configurations