About Solenoids

What is a Solenoid?

A solenoid is an electromechanical device which uses electrical energy applied to an electromagnetic coil in order to produce mechanical motion. Namco solenoids work produce linear motion with either a push or pull stroke. The coil is designed to be energized by a specific voltage. When energized it creates a strong magnetic field in the core section of the solenoid which then either pushes or pulls the plunger, which in turn moves or shifts the connected load. In the de-energized state the solenoid plunger is typically returned to its normal position by gravity or other external effects depending on orientation.

Types of Solenoids

Numerous types of industrial solenoids are available to suit a myriad of solenoid applications. The individual uniqueness and suitability of a solenoid for any particular application is determined by many factors, including but not limited to: voltage (AC or DC), frequency, stroke, mounting configuration, stroke length, stroke direction, push or pull force rating, type of interface to connected load, etc.

Deciding if a Solenoid is right for your application

The decision to use a solenoid for your application is quite simple and straight forward when the parameters surrounding the application are understood. Solenoids should be mounted in a vertical plane for maximum life. The next step of course is to select from the available offerings. The high power of a solenoid in a relatively compact package is often the most important factor in the decision to use an industrial solenoid.

Typical Applications of a Solenoid

Solenoid applications vary greatly, however many uses of industrial solenoids could be considered typical. A common application of an industrial solenoid is where the push or pull stroke of the solenoid is used to actuate or de-actuate a clutch mechanism in an industrial press in order for the press to perform its intended function. Due to the nature of the events resulting from solenoid actuation the controls for energizing the solenoids are interlocked into the operation of the press for maximum safety. Another typical application of industrial solenoids is where the push or pull stroke of the solenoid is implemented to shift the spool of a hydraulic or pneumatic valve. The spool controls the flow of compressed air or hydraulic fluid which in turn operates a cylinder or other device providing mechanical motion. Other typical solenoid applications include vending and dispensing equipment, machine tools, lifts, and cranes.

Why a Namco Solenoid is the best choice

With almost 100 years of history in the production of high quality, reliable industrial control components, a Namco industrial solenoid is clearly the best choice. Namco solenoids are available in many voltage ranges, with stroke lengths up to 1 inch and operating force of up to nearly 30 pounds. Several mounting and end effect options provide for easy implementation into even the most demanding applications. Size matters, so whether the application calls for a compact industrial solenoid requiring efficient delivery of moderate force, or if a larger beefier unit is required to deliver powerful brute force, Namco is the first and best choice. Namco industrial solenoids are built using the same time tested designs that set us apart as a leader in the control component industry.

Where to buy a solenoid from Namco?

Namco industrial solenoids are available from a broad base of experienced, knowledgeable distributors located across the USA as well as internationally. The Namco website or the Namco customer service team will assist you in finding the best distributor for your region, and factory direct orders are an option. The Namco customer service team is always eager to assist with sales or technical support inquiries.