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Heavy Duty Limit Switches for Rugged Industrial Applications

With our heritage of designing switches to withstand seismic events in the nuclear industry, Namco heavy duty mechanical limit switches with SNAP-LOCK® technology provide unparalleled reliability in the toughest environments. Namco offers multiple sizes, housings, lever material types and actuation methods, as well as NEMA rated designs for hazardous environments, so you can find the right heavy duty limit switch that will meet the demands of your application.

Choose from our wide variety of heavy duty limit switches below or contact our experts to get help selecting the right switch for your application.

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Heavy Duty Limit Switches

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Our Heavy Duty Limit Switch Series

EA040 Series Heavy Duty Limit Switch

EA040 Neutral Position Limit Switch

Designed for applications where a neutral position is essential in operation. This series provides the same locking action of the other series of SNAP-LOCK Switches.

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EA060 Series Heavy Duty Limit Switch

EA060 Short Travel Limit Switch

With mechanical travel of less than 61⁄2° required to trip, this heavy duty limit switch operates with one normally open and one normally closed circuit.

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EA080 Series Heavy Duty Limit Switch

EA080 Rocker Type Standard Limit Switch

This series was designed by the Electrical Manufacturing Division of National Acme to fill a need for limit switches offering a high degree of repeatability, life and reliability for use on machine tools. This series of limit switches remains one of our most popular lines. It has numerous applications on machine controls, conveyors, material- handling systems and valve controls.

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EA150 Series Limit Switch

EA150 Gravity Return/Spring Return Limit Switch

EA150 has dust-tight zinc housing with LED light option. It’s ultra-sensitive and has a gravity or spring return for small-part and other light-touch requirements.

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EA700 Series Heavy Duty Limit Switch

EA700 Cam Operated Limit Switch

Where relatively fast motions are involved, EA700 cam operated limit switches are designed to ensure the switch actual does not receive a severe impact, thus damaging the switch.

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EA780 & EA790 Series Navy Marine Limit Switch

EA780-790 Navy-Marine Position Limit Switch

Completely fabricated from non- corrosive materials, the EA780-790 series bronze housing and high quality stainless steel shaft completely protect against external damage to the switch from salt spray or other corrosive elements. Sealing against leakage is achieved through the use of high quality gaskets on machined surfaces and “0” Ring protection, plus close tolerance between the shaft and bushing.

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EA800 Series Heavy Duty Limit Switch

EA800 Neutral Position Limit Switch

This series of hazardous location SNAP-LOCK Limit Switches utilizes the internal mechanism of the EA700 series, with a significant advantage. The mechanisms are enclosed in UL-listed, NEMA-rated housing available in aluminum or bronze and are perfect for use in use in environments with excessive vibration, dirt and heat.

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EA880 Series Hazardous Location Limit Switch

EA880 Hazardous Location Limit Switch

These hazardous location SNAP-LOCK switches can have any of the internal mechanism of the EA080, EA060, or EA040 switches. They are enclosed in UL-listed NEMA- rated aluminum housings.

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Commonly asked questions about heavy duty limit switches:

What is a heavy-duty limit switch?

A heavy-duty limit switch is used for position indication and over travel protection in harsh and abrasive environments. Robust features such as die-cast housing, heavy-duty mechanisms, and industrial grade contacts allow a heavy-duty limit switch to withstand hazardous applications with a long mechanical life.

When should a heavy-duty limit switch be used?

A heavy duty limit switch should be used in applications with harsh environmental factors such as extremely high or low temperatures, vibration and shock, and corrosive/hazardous liquids and gases. Hazardous environments typically require heavy-duty limit switches that are NEMA rated for dust-tight, water-tight and oil-tight applications.

Learn more about how to specify limit switches for harsh environments in our on demand webinar here

What are the types of heavy-duty limit switches?

The three main types of heavy-duty limit switches include lever actuated, proximity, and reed types. The lever actuated switch is popular in heavy-duty application and can be broken down into cam type and rocker type mechanisms.

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