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EA880 Series Hazardous Location Limit Switch
Heavy Duty
EA880 Series Limit Switch

The EA880 Series Heavy Duty Limit Switch offers the EA080 Series, EA060 Series and EA040 Series limit switches in an enclosure suitable for use in hazardous locations. All the operational features of these tough heavy duty limit switches are now available in a hazardous location enclosure, or hazardous location plus watertight when required.

The EA880 Series hazardous location limit switches operate reliably where gases, vapors and dust are potential explosion hazards. The cast aluminum switch housings resist corrosion. Its rugged construction includes a spark proof aluminum NEMA type enclosure listed by the Underwriters Laboratories, which can withstand internal and external gas explosions. This series has wiring space ample enough for up to size 12 wire and meets NEMA types 1, 4, 13 water, oil, dust-tight and Type 7, Class I, Groups C & D and Type 9, Class II, Groups E, F and G, – hazardous locations.

This hazardous location limit switch series has proven performance with cycle life in the millions, when operated properly at the rated current, voltage, and temperature. Standard switches have maximum ambient temperature rating of -20°C to +90°C continuous. And switches can be special ordered for LOW temperature -40°C to +90°C or HIGH temperature + 10°C to + 180°C requirements.


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How to Select A Lever for Your Limit Switch

Operating levers link your NAMCO limit switch and the moving part of your application. Users must select levers separate from limit switches. It is important to choose an operating lever to suit the needs of your application. The video below provides a quick overview on selecting a lever and a highlight of NAMCO lever options.

Technical Data

  • Heavy Duty Butt Contact, Form "Z" arrangement

  • Single Pole, Double Throw (SPDT)

  • Quick Make, Quick Break with four terminals.

  • Operating Lever is adjustable in 7°30' increments thru 360°

  • Adequate wiring space for four no. 12 AWG conductors

  • NEMA Type 7, Class I, Groups C and D; Type 9, Class II, Groups E, F, and G

  • Meets Continuous current rating - AMPS

  • Rocker Type SNAP-LOCK® Technology

  • Standard Mounting Available

  • One normally open and one normally closed (1NO/1NC)
    Two normally open (2NO)

  • For Ordering Information, see EA880 Series Specification Sheet.

  • Please note, operating levers are sold separately.

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