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Door, Hatch & Latch Position Indication for Marine Applications


Entryway status is a necessity in industrial environments such as power generation facilities and large ships. Heavy-duty limit switches are used to indicate entryway status for a large door or hatch, providing a critical safety factor. Also, hatch, or entryway, indication is used for added security. The main concern for these massive, industrial entryways is whether they are open or closed.

Namco Ship Hatch Limit Swith Application Example

NAMCO offers a full profile of heavy-duty limit switches to accommodate your application’s needs. For entryway status, the NAMCO EA780 and EA790 heavy-duty limit switches are recommended. The EA Series heavy-duty limit switches utilize our unique SNAP-LOCK technology and are high shock resistant. We use non-corrosive materials such as bronze housings, and large and high-quality stainless steel shafting. Our heavy-duty limit switches have a watertight seal to protect the inner components and can be submerged in water up to three feet. Also, all contacts are made from a silver alloy and have the longest life span in the industry. NAMCO heavy-duty limit switches are designed in a specific way to handle the force exerted from the industrial door and hatch applications.

Namco Heavy Duty Limit Switches

Namco heavy duty limit switches excel in critical industrial, hazardous locations, navy and marine applications where typical limit switches would fail. Every Namco limit switch includes Snap-Lock technology for unparalleled reliability and has the ruggedness to operate under the most severe conditions.

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Heavy Duty Limit Switches