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Industrial Limit Switches

An industrial limit switch is an electromechanical position indication device that is built to withstand the typical industrial application with low maintenance requirements. Industrial limit switches operate by a mechanical force signaling electrical contacts to change state, indicating change in position.

Industrial grade limit switches are used to count, detect, and limit and bulk solid materials. Industrial limit switches can be used as control instruments in standard industrial machinery or as emergency/ back-up devices to help prevent machine malfunctions.

Choose from our wide variety of industrial limit switches below or contact our experts to get help selecting the right switch for your application.

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Heavy Duty Limit Switches

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Types of Industrial Limit Switches

Namco Controls offers 3 major types of industrial limit switches including heavy duty, explosion proof and nuclear qualified.

Heavy Duty Limit Switches

Heavy Duty Industrial Limit Switches

Heavy duty limit switches designed to survive where standard switches would fail such as in harsh environments such as outdoors, marine, high shock and vibration and extreme temperatures.

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EA800 Series Explosion Proof Limit Switch

Explosion Proof Limit Switches

NEMA rated industrial limit switches for applications requiring improved resistance to dust, moisture, water ingress and other protection from contaminants per the respective NEMA rating.

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Nuclear Family

Nuclear Qualified Industrial Limit Switches

Nuclear qualified limit switches for safety related application in nuclear power stations. These switches include our patented Snap-Lock® technology for seismic performance requirements.

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