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Conveyor Limit Switch Applications in Bulk Material Handling

Industries such as Power Generation, Manufacturing, and Mining use conveyor belts to transport bulk material. These industrial facilities present unique challenges to conveyor applications due to the abrasive materials they carry and their harsh environments. Stoppage of a conveyor can result in costly delays and waiting at other steps in the manufacturing process. Conveyor limit switches provide indication of belt misalignment and other conditions to avoid damage or spillage of material.

How Limit Switches Are Used In Conveyor Applications

Limit switches are used on industrial conveyors to provide system monitoring and control, and safety measures. A heavy duty limit switch is a precision snap-action switch that is encased to protect it from external forces, such as hazardous chemicals, water, oil, and dirt and is used to detect presence or absence in areas where physical contact is allowed.

Common applications of conveyor limit switches in conveyors include:

  • Belt Misalignment Limit Switches: A lever perpendicular with the conveyor belt moves when the belt sways under the uneven distribution of heavy loads, causing the switch to trip. This indication of belt misalignment can prevent further spillage or damage to other parts of the conveyor system.

  • Rope Pull Limit Switches: A rope or cable running along the length of the conveyor is connected to the limit switch via a lever and tripped when material falls from the belt or when an operator manually pulls the rope. This provides an additional indication of material spillage, which can prevent further damage.

Heavy Duty Limit Switches

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Conveyor Limit Switch Applications

Advantages of Namco Limit Switches In Conveyor Applications

Proper conveyor limit switch operation can be affected by environmental factors in bulk material handling conveyor applications. Sometimes, it is challenging to get electrical standards and motor applications to match the intended task. In dirty environments, like a mine, particles can get inside of the switch and eventually cause failure. Therefore limit switch reliability is critical in conveyor applications. 

Namco’s heavy-duty limit switches are designed with our unique SNAP-LOCK Technology to ensure accurate position indication, user safety, and reliable start and stop. SNAP-LOCK solutions have a “snap” action, which enables a quick action from one position to another, effectively eliminating dead band. The contacts are forced to be in one position or the other and cannot dwell in between open or closed. Instead of relying on spring or magnetic force, each switch has a locking mechanism that mechanically forces the contacts to stay closed until released by the trip lever. This technology eliminates any possible contact chatter due to vibration or seismic events. NAMCO heavy-duty limit switches require less downtime and enable more production time than low-quality, standard switches.

Recommended Heavy Duty Limit Switches for Conveyor Applications

EA040 Series Heavy Duty Limit Switch

EA040 Neutral Position Heavy Duty Limit Switch
  • Single pole, double throw limit switch
  • Die cast zinc housing for corrosion resistance
  • Watertight, oil & dust tight enclosure
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EA080 Series Heavy Duty Limit Switch

EA080 Rocker Type Heavy Duty Limit Switch
  • Design for mechanical travel less than 10° to trip
  • Heavy operating torque for severe industrial use
  • Die cast zinc housing for corrosion resistance
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EA150 Series Limit Switch

EA150 Gravity/Spring Return Heavy Duty Limit Switch
  • Ideal for sensing small, lightweight objects
  • Applications include Safety interlocks
  • Dust tight zinc housing with LED light option
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Recommended Explosion Proof Heavy Duty Limit Switches

EA880 Series Hazardous Location Limit Switch

EA880 Explosion Proof Limit Switch
  • Meets NEMA Type 7, Class I, Groups C and D; Type 9, Class II, Groups E, F, and G requirements
  • Approved spark-proof bronze or aluminum housing
  • Special temperature option for up to -40° or 180° C applications
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EA800 Series Heavy Duty Limit Switch

EA800 Explosion Proof Limit Switch
  • Ideal for environments with gases, vapors and potential explosion hazards
  • Meets NEMA 1,4, 4X, 6, 6P, 7 (Class I, Groups C & D) and 9 (Class II, Groups E, F & G) requirements
  • Spark-proof bronze or aluminum housing
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