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Valve Position Indication Applications

Accurate and reliable valve and actuator position status are essential to avoid injury and equipment damage in industries such as Power Generation. In this application, remote valve and actuator indication is ideal and allows operators the knowledge to operate the plant with more safety and efficiency.

How Limit Switches Are Used for Value Position Indication

Limit switches indicate the actual position of the valve at any given moment, and from a safe distance. The valve stem engages with the limit switch lever and activates the limit switch when it is moving. Thus, when the valve position changes, the stem moves and activates the limit switch, sending electrical signals to confirm when the valve is fully open or fully closed.

Valve Position Indication with Limit Switches

Industries such as Mining or Oil and Gas pose many factors that make for a hazardous location. A standard limit switch would never last in this application due to the moisture, harsh liquids and gases, abrasive particles, and other factors of an environment such as a power plant. Heavy-duty limit switches are required for valve position indication in industrial settings due to their robust, metal housing and reliable switching mechanism.

NAMCO offers a full portfolio of heavy-duty limit switches to meet the needs of your valve position indication application. SNAP-LOCK® mechanism is unique to NAMCO position indication limit switches. This technology helps eliminate dead-band with quick make and quick break. The contacts are forced to be in one position or the other and cannot dwell in-between open or closed. Each switch has a locking mechanism that mechanically forces the contacts to stay closed until released by the trip lever. Also, NAMCO builds every limit switches with heavy-duty contacts for electrical durability and chatter due to vibration or seismic events.

Namco Heavy Duty Limit Switches

Namco heavy duty limit switches excel in critical industrial, hazardous locations, navy and marine applications where typical limit switches would fail. Every Namco limit switch includes Snap-Lock technology for unparalleled reliability and has the ruggedness to operate under the most severe conditions.

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Heavy Duty Limit Switches