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What is Important for Limit Switches in Marine or Highly Corrosive Environments?

  • Housing Material: Bronze
  • Lever Material: Stainless steel, bronze
  • Contact Material: Gold will provide protection from corrosion in storage and avoid build up silver oxide on the contact
  • Contact Mechanism:Sliding contacts self-cleans terminals during operation with a wiping motion, avoiding corrosion build-up
  • Current Rating:.25 amps or more prevents corrosion build up on contact (applies to all Namco heavy duty limit switches)

Featured Products

Namco Heavy Duty Limit Switches

Namco heavy duty limit switches excel in critical industrial, hazardous locations, navy and marine applications where typical limit switches would fail. Every Namco limit switch includes Snap-Lock technology for unparalleled reliability and has the ruggedness to operate under the most severe conditions.

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Heavy Duty Limit Switches

Namco Nuclear Qualified Limit Switches

With over 100,000 nuclear qualified switches installed worldwide, Namco's nuclear qualified limit switches are trusted in the world's most critical applications. With Snap-Lock technology, Namco switches are enabled to exceed seismic performance requirements in a small form factor.

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Nuclear Qualified Limit Switches