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EA780 & EA790 Series Navy Marine Limit Switch
Heavy Duty
EA780 & EA790 Series Navy Marine Limit Switch

Completely fabricated from noncorrosive materials, the EA780 Series and EA790 Series Heavy Duty Limit Switch has a bronze housing and high quality stainless steel shaft completely protect against external damage to the switch from salt spray or other corrosive elements. Built for navy marine requirements, these series are sealed against leakage, which is achieved through the use of high quality gaskets on machined surfaces and “o”-Ring protection, plus close tolerance between the shaft and bushing.

These navy marine rated limit switch series have all internal components are of high grade stainless steel or copper alloy (chrome plated when required), to protect against bearing surface wear and to provide millions of operations.

Both the EA780 and EA790 series switches have heavy duty electrical contacts. The EA780 switches have sliding, double break type contacts built to meet the high shock requirements outlined in MIL-S-901. EA790 switches have heavy duty, double break butt type contacts.

These limit switches are available in many contact arrangements (1NO/1NC, 2NO/2NC, 2NO, 2NC, 4NO and 4NC). The Standard B1 cam provides for clockwise or counter-clockwise operations; B2 cam for operation in both directions (clockwise & counter-clockwise) or Maintained is also available. Contacts wipe clean with each operation.

Conforms to MIL-C-2212F
Meets Vibration Requirements MIL-STD-167B, Type I
Meets Hi-Shock Requirements of MIL-S-901, Grade A, Class I, Type A
Watertight (3 ft. for 60 min.) & Submersible (15 ft. for 30 min.) per MIL-STD-108E


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How to Select A Lever for Your Limit Switch

Operating levers link your NAMCO limit switch and the moving part of your application. Users must select levers separate from limit switches. It is important to choose an operating lever to suit the needs of your application. The video below provides a quick overview on selecting a lever and a highlight of NAMCO lever options.

Technical Data

  • Cam Type SNAP-LOCK® Technology

  • One normally open and one normally closed (1NO/1NC)
    Two normally open and two normally closed (2NO/2NC)
    Two normally open (2NO)
    Two normally closed (2NC)
    Four normally open (4NO)
    Four Normally closed (4NC)

  • Form “Z” contact arrangement

  • Meets NEMA 1,4, 4X, 6, 6P & 13 requirements.

  • Contacts are made of silver alloy. Contact shifting mechanism is locked in position by the latches until switch lever is actuated.

  • Temperature Range: -20º C to +90º C

  • Operating lever is adjustable by 7º30' increments of 360º

  • Operating torques - Trip travel varies from 6 to 33 lb-in. depending on switch size and cam selected

  • Wiring space is ample for up to size 12 wire with easily accessible terminal screws

  • Many different options available including: high temperature (0º C to 150º C) components and lubricants; and low temperature (-40º C to 90º C) components and lubricants

  • Weight: Approx. 2 lbs 11 oz.

  • For Ordering Information, see EA780 and EA790 Series Specification Sheet.

  • Please note, operating levers are sold separately.

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