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Toshiba Vacuum Contactor Cross-Reference Guide


Upgrade to Joslyn Clark Vacuum Contactors

Joslyn Clark vacuum contactors offer suitable replacements to several models of Toshiba vacuum contactors.  

Joslyn Clark vacuum contactors are manufactured in the USA and offer extreme durability, quality and short lead times. Our vacuum contactors are compact in size and have some of the smallest footprints in their class. Additional advantages include flexibility and versatility to mount on almost any plane, depending on the needs of your application.

Replacing a Contactor?
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Use the Toshiba vacuum contactor crossover guide below or submit your current part number and our engineers will be happy to assist you find the best solution for your application.

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Toshiba Vacuum Contactors Joslyn Clark Crossovers

Toshiba Vacuum Contactor Crossovers Models

Toshiba Vacuum Contactor Model


Joslyn Clark Vacuum Contactor Crossover Model


Rated Voltage: 208-1500V
Rated Current: 600A

1140 Series - up to 1.14kV
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CV series - up to 1.5kV
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Rated Voltage: 2400 / 4200 / 6900V
Rated Current: 400A

VC Series - up to 3.6kV
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MVC Series - up to 7.2kV
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Rated Voltage: 2400 / 4200 / 6900 V
Rated Current: 720A

SVC Series - up to 7.2kV
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Rated Voltage: 12000 / 15000 V
Rated Current: 400A

SVC Series - up to 12kV
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*The profile of Joslyn Clark low and medium voltage contactors covers voltage and current requirements up to 12kV and 400A.