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EA740 Series Nuclear Qualified Mechanical Limit Switch
EA740 Series
Limit Switch

The EA170 Series is a double pole, double break, double throw, heavy duty limit switch having mechanical travel of 10°to trip and  two normally open and two normally closed circuits. This series has is capable of standard, wide or long mounting.


IEEE 323-1974, 1983 & 2003; IEEE 344-1975, 1987 & 2004; IEEE 382-1972, 1980, 1996 & 2006; IEEE 383-1972, 1974 & 2003; IEEE 572-1985, 2004 & 2006; Special qualifications for Westinghouse, GE, AECL, B & W, KOPEC and RCC-E design specifications; IEC 60780 (1998), 60980 (1989), & 60068 (2007)

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Technical Data

  • Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT)
  • Cam Type SNAP-LOCK Technology
  • Two normally open and two normally closed, NEMA for “Z” contact arrangement
  • Enclosure meets NEMA 1, 4, and 13 requirements for dust-tight, water-tight and oil-tight applications
  • Operating lever is adjustable in 7°30’ increments through 360°
  • Adequate wiring space for nine conductors
  • High temperature components and lubricants
  • Die-cast bronze housing for corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel top cover and fasteners
  • Gold-plated contacts minimize resistance and ensure years of reliable service
  • Seismic and vibration resistant
  • Resists chemical spray
  • Three mounting styles (Standard, Long, Wide) available

Operating Temperature:

(21° to 90°C)



Maximum Travel:


Max Temperature:





204 MRad gamma

Ordering Information

EA740 Series Nomenclature

ex. EA740-20050
(Standard Mount, Clockwise Operation with 4-Pin QDC 1NO/1NC)

A: Mounting
2xxxx - Standard Mount
5xxxx - Wide Mount
8xxxx - Long Mount

BC: Rotation Direction
x00xx - Clockwise or Counterclockwise Operation
x01xx - Clockwise and Counterclockwise Operation
x60xx - Maintained Contact and Lever Position
x67xx - Maintained Contact, Lever Returned

DE: Nuclear Qualified Connection Option
xxx00 - Open Conduit Entrance for Clockwise or Maintained operation
xxx01 - Open Conduit Entrance for Counterclockwise operation
xxx40 - 9-Pin QDC Clockwise or Maintained operation
xxx41 - 9-Pin QDC for Counterclockwise operation
xxx50 - 4-Pin QDC 1NO/1NC Clockwise or Maintained operation
xxx51 - 4-Pin QDC 1NO/1NC for Counterclockwise operation
xxx52 - 4-Pin QDC 2NO Clockwise or Maintained operation
xxx53 - 4-Pin QDC 2NO for Counterclockwise operation
xxx54 - 4-Pin QDC 2NC Clockwise or Maintained operation
xxx55 - 4-Pin QDC 2NC for Counterclockwise operation