Nuclear Qualified

NAMCO is the demonstrated world leader in heavy industrial control sensors – the SNAP-LOCK®  line of limit switches are known for over 60 years of rugged reliability under the most brutal conditions. NAMCO has the largest installed base of nuclear qualified switches in the world.  Trusted more than any other brand, we provide critical position indication solutions where failure is not an option. Select a series below to shop Nuclear Qualified products.

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Product Series

  • Limit Switches

    Limit Switches

    Limit switches are used to convert a mechanical motion into an electrical control signal. The mechanical motion is usually in the form of a cam, a machine component or an object moving toward a pre-determined position. The cam engages the limit switch lever or plunger which makes or breaks an electrical contact inside the switch. This electrical control signal is then used to limit position or reverse the machine travel or to initiate another operating sequence. It can also be used for counting, sorting or as a safety device.

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  • Magnetic Proximity Switches

    Magnetic Proximity Switches

    Non-contact proximity switches are used to detect the position of mechanical motion and provide accurate position indication. An actuator, in the form of a target magnet, passes in front of the proximity switch, engaging the switch, and allowing the internal electrical contacts to change state. The application is never in physical contact with the proximity switch. Applications that typically use limit switches include valve position indication, sorting, level detection and many safety related situations.

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  • Connectors

    Nuclear Qualified Connectors

    NAMCO nuclear connectors, designed for fast easy disconnect connect operation; dramatically reduce the exposure of personnel to radiation. They maintain the sealed integrity of limit switches by eliminating the need to disassemble and rewire the devices during required maintenance.

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