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  • C342 Series 1/32 DIN LCD and LED Counters

1-32 DIN LED Count Totalizer


A very compact totalizing counter available standard with a 6 digit LED display. Chose from self powered models containing a 7 year lithium battery, or from models accepting an external 12 - 24 VDC power supply. Externally powered units utilize a nonvolatile RAM to keep counted data during absence of power.

Easy field programing allows interface to PNP or NPN count signals, or you may choose a model that directly accepts high voltage (12-250 VAC/DC) AC or DC pulses.
A bidirectional model, with 6 digit LED display, accepts signals from quadrature output encoders and is especially suited for positioning and length measuring applications.
LED models are available with an optional factory programmed preset limit (preset-count specified when ordered) and feature a transistor output that can perform control functions or interact with a PLC. A 6 character alphanumeric message (characters derived from seven segment pattern) can be programmed to appear when the preset count value is reached.

  • Available with a 6 digit LED display
  • LED units offer factory entered preset values, and transistor output
  • Bidirectional model suited for position and length measurements
  • Choose from internal battery or DC powered units
  • Field programmable to accept PNP or NPN signals, with models available for high voltage inputs
  • Compact 1/32 DIN bezel size and short depth
  • Display can be reset from the front panel or remotely; front reset button can be disabled
  • IP65 rated front panel for use in washdown environments
All units are packaged in a compact 1/32 DIN size case with depths as short as 32mm. The front panel is rated IEC IP65 for use in washdown environments. The C342 series also includes matching indicators for time-totalizing and rate metering, as well as an alphanumeric message display. All are in a uniform 24 x 48 millimeters bezel size package.


Product Type:
Function Type:
  • 24 VDC
  • External Low Voltage
  • DC
  • 1/32 DIN 24x48mm
Time Display:
  • NPN Sensor
  • PNP Sensor
  • Switch/Contact Closure
Batch Preset:
Number of Digits :
4x NEMA l IP65
Ordering Information:

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