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EA170-11100 Limit Switch
Heavy Duty
EA170 Series Limit Switch

The EA170 Series is a heavy duty limit switch featuring two normally open and two normally closed circuits. This double pole, double throw limit switch is engineered with Rocker Type SNAP-LOCK Technology in a die-cast zinc housing for corrosion resistance. This series is available in standard, wide or long mounting. The EA170 Series can be ordered as standard travel (mechanical travel 10º to trip), short travel (mechanical travel 10º or 61/2º required to trip) or reverse shaft (mechanical travel 10º to trip).



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How to Select A Lever for Your Limit Switch

Operating levers link your NAMCO limit switch and the moving part of your application. Users must select levers separate from limit switches. It is important to choose an operating lever to suit the needs of your application. The video below provides a quick overview on selecting a lever and a highlight of NAMCO lever options.

Technical Data

  • Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT)

  • Rocker Type SNAP-LOCK Technology

  • Two normally open and two normally closed, NEMA for “Z” contact arrangement

  • Meets NEMA 1,4 & 13 requirements. Enclosure is watertight, oil & dust tight

  • Contacts are made of silver alloy. Contact shifting mechanism is locked in position by the latches until switch lever is actuated.

  • Temperature Range: -20º C to +90º C

  • Operating lever is adjustable by 7º30' increments
    167º for Standard | 173º for Short Travel | 360º for Reverse Shaft

  • Wiring space is ample for up to size 12 wire with easily accessible terminal screws

  • Many different options available including: precious metal contacts; high temperature (0º C to 150º C) components and lubricants; low temperature (-40º C to 90º C) components and lubricants; NEMA 4X Enclosure; and geothermal environment requirement.

  • Weight: Approx. 3.5 lbs

  • For Ordering Information, see EA170 Series Specification Sheet.

  • Please note, operating levers are sold separately.

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